Environmental Testing


Progress: November 7, 2017

There has been lots of mostly behind-the-scenes action over the last few months – so here is an update.

Yes, it’s happening.

Environmental Testing

Work on the site has been underway since May. The major piece has been the environmental assessment which – as you can imagine – takes time. Using the exact GPS coordinates of the skate park outlined in the Riverfront Park Master Plan, testing is currently being conducted to ensure the soil is of good quality and park-ready.
We are nearing the end of the testing phase and all parties involved are optimistic with the initial findings. Once the ground has been deemed ready, we, the skate park committee will move forward towards establishing the final design of the park.

Grants with PSU

With roughly $50,000 raised thus far, we are actively researching and applying for grants to double that. Faculty and students from nearby Plymouth State University have expressed interest in our project and are have agreed to work with us to research additional grants and to draft the applications. We are grateful to PSU for their support of this project.

CJ’s Penalty Box Fundraiser

Thank you to CJ’s Penalty Box & Shane Abbott for their latest fundraising event. For a chance to win New England Patriots tickets, Shane and the team raised over $700 in raffle ticket sales. Yahoo! It is up-start fundraisers like this coupled with immense community support which has enabled us to get this far. We thank you for your continued support.

Upcoming Events

The committee is amidst planning the 3rd annual Comedy Feast which we hope to announce the December date before Thanksgiving. Stay hungry – for food and comedy.
A brand new event is on the horizon too – slated for March 2018. While we can’t officially announce it yet, we’re honored to be the beneficiary of it. Stay tuned.
Thank you to all our supporters. Yes, it’s happening.
Brian, Jason, and Kevin Lin-Wood Skate Park Committee [email protected]