The communities of Lincoln and Woodstock, New Hampshire are full of recreational enthusiasts. From hiking & biking, to skiing & snowboarding, softball & soccer; no matter the season, residents and visitors alike enjoy the outdoors. It is a way of life.

But one popular sport in the area is missing a proper venue – skateboarding. Research shows that this previously only-for-the-rebellious sport has grown to the third most popular recreational youth activity (ages 6-18) and has become a highly influential piece of sporting culture and can no longer be ignored.  

Our mission: To build an outdoor public skate park for the communities Lincoln and Woodstock, NH in order to create a positive, recreational environment for its members and visitors.

These towns – along with surrounding areas – have large populations of both youth and adults who enjoy skateboarding, freestyle BMX, and other sports which a skate park would provide an arena for. Being able to participate in these sports locally, in a professionally constructed and well cared for environment would be a valuable amenity to the community as well as area visitors. Local businesses would see the benefits as well.

The Lin-Wood Skate Park Committee (LWSPC) was established to collaboratively work with local organizations and its members to ensure the entire project meets the needs of the community.  An initial survey was conducted throughout the towns of Lincoln and Woodstock which ultimately proved high interest in the project but also provided usage habits (frequency, ages demographics, abilities etc.).

After compiling results, the committee reached out to a number of professional skate park design companies who viewed the survey data and followed up by presenting conceptual park layouts along with production estimates.

The LWSPC then met with the Lincoln Town Selectmen who agreed to a one acre land grant for the construction & placement of the Lin-Wood Skate Park.  Indicated in that agreement, the park falls under the category of Community Park for all instances of maintenance and insurance. Both of these steps were giant milestones in getting this park underway and were met with no opposition. It is a clear indication of the high level of interest in the success of this project by community members.

To begin fundraising efforts, the Lin-Wood Skate Park Committee joined the Lincoln-Woodstock Friends of Recreation non-profit organization (Tax ID#02-0387585) and was welcomed with open arms.

The first fundraising goal is $125,000.  Reaching that number will enable the full production of a 5,000 square foot concrete skate park fit for all abilities. It is a big goal, but quite attainable.

The outlook is positive and the commitment to this project is unwavering. Not only from the committee, but the members of these two small New Hampshire towns.