Construction Starting August

Construction Starting August

On a call with Pillar Design on July 1, 2024, they confirmed an arrival time of early August start to begin construction. We are thrilled to have finally gotten a timeframe for construction to begin.

While we were waiting for our date, our team has been working securing more grants as well as in-kind donations.

In April, our project was awarded a $5,000 grant from the New Hampshire Electric Co-Op. We have also recently applied for the T-Mobile Hometown Grant program which is focused shovel-ready projects that aim to revitalize rural towns.

Yes, we have surpassed our fundraising goal but we are pushing for more. Getting more in-kind donations to offset costs with the hope to have a concrete mini-ramp completed with the park construction.

Action At The Park

Thank you to Caulder Construction and Sabourn Tower Surveying.

Caulder Construction has donated the majority of the rough grading and site preparation work. This involves stripping, leveling, laying fill and compacting the site. Once complete, this will allow Artisan & Pillar to arrive and start construction more quickly.

Sabourn Tower has surveyed and marked the site to allow the site preparation to begin.


Housing is needed for 8 adults. Arrival time is early August and construction can last 12 weeks or more. This does not have to be all 12 weeks. If you have/know someone with a partial rental…that would certainly help.


Milton Cat Rental has come in to support with a discount on heavy equipment rental once the builders arrive.

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