Be Positive

Be Positive

Thank you to all who shared their support at Monday night’s public hearing (in person, online and via email). Listening to the support pour out was inspiring, particularly because it was composed of such a wide range of community members: local business owner, police dispatcher, recreation director, youth group leader, local school teacher, land abutter, residents of Pollard Road, residents of Mansion Hill and many more.

All shared their support of the skate park and the location of 194 Pollard Road.

Who Are They

So many of the people who spoke up in support on Monday night play a positive active role in the community by volunteering, donating and participating in local organizations and committees. These supporters are the fabric of our community and all showed up because they see the value of this skate park at its proposed location.

Since day one, our mission has been clear and today it remains unchanged.

To build an outdoor public skate park for the communities of Lincoln and Woodstock, NH in order to create a positive, recreational environment for its members and visitors.

On Monday, March 6 starting at 5:30pm, the Lincoln Select Board will vote.

Think positive. Be positive.