Yes. Yes, it’s happening.

Yes. Yes, it’s happening.

Two MAJOR Announcements:

  • At a meeting on Monday, March 6,The Lincoln Select Board unanimously voted to proceed with the location at 194 Pollard Road.
  • The Skatepark Project in partnership with Vans, has awarded our project a $50,000 grant.

$50,000 Grant Awarded

The Skatepark Project in partnership with Vans has awarded the Lin-Wood Skate Park a grant in the amount of $50,000. With this award, the Lin-Wood Skate Park has reached $230,000 in total fundraising.

It has taken nearly 10 years to reach this milestone.  We held our first meeting in July 2013 and community support has been our bearings to keep us rolling. Yes, it’s happening has been our rallying cry and we’re proud to have reached another milestone of this journey.

Thank you to The Skatepark Project and Vans for this recognition.

Next Steps

Formal construction documents are nearly complete. Over the last year, the Skate Park Committee has been working with Pillar Design on the park design (elements, size and flow) to achieve the best park possible within our budget. We have the money to build a good park.

When will it happen?

There’s still a few variables out there. The builders have a full lineup of projects on the calendar this summer & fall. however, it is not out of the question to have our park constructed in fall 2023. According to them, delays and projects change all the time. So they may be able to fit our project in if/when delays are encountered.

Also, the Town of Lincoln must prepare the site (clear the trees, stumps, etc.) for construction and do the final surveying. They intend to complete this in spring.

Fundraising Continues + In-Kind Donations

Costs of everything (related to this project) have increased since we began. We must continue to fundraise and look for in-kind donations. The items listed below add major cost to the project. If you know anyone who can help, please share.

  • Concrete
  • Lumber (for concrete forms)
  • Lodging (for builders)
  • Rental Equipment (skidsteer, mini excavator, etc.)