New Park Location Supported

New Park Location Supported

The Town of Lincoln conducted another round of soil testing at the Riverfront Park site. Based on the findings, a mitigation and removal plan was needed and an estimate was received to complete that plan. The estimate was HIGH and the Select Board determined the Town would not proceed with that removal/mitigation plan at this time.

The Select Board presented the idea of moving the skate park to another location. Doing so would allow for the project to get underway more quickly.

The Skate Park Committee met with the Select Board, Town Manager and Recreation Director and all parties agreed that the next best location is at the Community Center on Pollard Road. The benefits of this site are immense: available parking, easy viewing for public safety and many more.

Share Your Support

This topic is being added to the Select Board meetings to allow for public comment on February 13 and 27. Share your support. Email the Town or attend one of the meetings.


The Skate Park Committee shared survey and geological detail of the Community Center site with the park builder (Pillar Design / Artisan Skateparks) They have determined this site meets the needs for construction. Contracts with the builder are signed and construction documents are in process of being drawn up.

Moving Forward

Since we began this project, the Skate Park Committee believed that raising money to build a skate park would be a catalyst to complete Riverfront Park. While we still believe Riverfront Park will be a tremendous asset to our community, we acknowledge that our primary goal is to build Lin-Wood Skate Park. To achieve that goal, we firmly support this change of location.


  1. Bryan Grossbauer

    The end goal is a great skatepark for the Linwood community- it’s too bad that the original location has proven to be trouble- but- any skatepark would be amazing!

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